About Us

EDCPL, is one of the leading precision Aluminum Die Casting Company in India. We provide total solutions for precision pressure die cast components and dies. EDCPL serve various types of manufacturing industries by providing services ranging from product design to product development, prototype development, manufacturing, finishing and assembly. EDCPL was established in 1995 under the able leadership of Mr.Ashok Kumar. We are certified by the National Accreditation Certification of Bodies as an ISO 9001- 2008 Company. Excel Die Casters Pvt. Ltd., grew 10-fold into a 15,000sq.ft. built area and open space of 55,000Sq.ft. Making pressure die casting of Aluminum & Zinc components. As mentioned earlier we are an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, so this speaks about our class and quality. We are always striving for perfection so that we create an exceptional mark in the future of Die Casting industry.

EDCPL's Process Flow

Tool design, manufacturing and maintenance

Die Casting

Post casting Operations & Machining


Like cogs in a wheel, well oiled with experience, skilled tool makers of EDCPL know the details of each job-form the initial design concept to final coating and shipping. Companies requiring low to medium volume will find the die casting methods employed by the team at Excel Die Casters Pvt. Ltd., ideally suited for their project. Every step of process is handled right in our own plant. The process Excel Die Casters Pvt. Ltd. employees in castings with extremely close tolerance. Moreover ,you can choose from many high quality surface finishes and treatment, such as paint, blasting, and powder coating, each of which offers functionality and decorative appeal castings can be produced in every conceivable size and shape from the smallest component requiring precise engineering part weighing from 10gm to a maximum of 6kgs. Requiring durability and strength almost every manufacturing industry can make use of die castings.

Quality System


An Uncompromising Commitment to produce High Quality Products, by the entire team at EDCPL, has resulted in deliveries of Defect Free Supplies to customers, consistently, year after year. Fool proof Quality Procedures, Innovation and Continuous Improvement, use of various Quality Tools for problems solving and a great stress on Training and Team Work are some of the key factors that have resulted in our quality standards becoming a bench mark for our competition. Incoming Material into our premises is thoroughly tested through chemical analysis process and other processes as applicable. For die manufacturing and maintenance the following points are taken into consideration to provide quality services: Tool history cards, Machine and furnace parameters for tool mounting, Temperatures, Pressure and Timing specifications. We also follow strict quality rules for production. We have systems whereby a unique package number is given to each standard quantity package, which will enable us to trace the alloy batch (hence the smelters heat no), machine parameters such as temperatures, pressures and timings, shift and operator details. Online Inspection plans are followed at all phases. Specific control plans are devised for each job. An inspection certificate accompanies every lot with the results of the sampling plans. List of quality equipments


An Induction Training Program designed for each department ensures a fast and easy acclimatizing of new Personnel/Trainees. A comprehensive Annual Training Plan ensures scheduled Trainings are imparted to the required employees where both Internal and External faculty is employed. Understanding of the Customer`s Needs and Requirements along with the Application of the Product and Intended Requirements by all Employees at EDCPL ensures Total Customer Satisfaction. A very high Moral among each and every employee is complemented with various Motivational Schemes to bring out the Best in each Employee which is vital to Total Customer Satisfaction. Incentive Schemes and Performance Allowance Schemes ensures optimal Output in production and efforts at every level of Employee. To be fully effective, a Die Casting technician must understand the process at a very fundamental level.