Why Us?

To get the best in Designing, Manufacturing, Finishing and Assembly of Aluminum Components

Why choose Excel Die Casters ?

Because, EDCPL is committed in providing superior, cost-effective quality products and services to meet or exceed customer expectations

At EDCL we adapt Continual Improvement of processes and systems
Implementation of an effective quality management system by an empowered workforce.
Establish objectives and targets to secure continual environmental improvements.Monitor energy consumption on regular basis and implement appropriate energy reduction and efficient improvement programs.
Dispose of all solid and liquid wastes in accordance with the requirements defined by regulation.
Develop and implement procedures to minimize the potential consequences of accidents and emergency situations.
Evaluate all processes and products for environmental effects and minimize the potential for pollution.

Quality Certificate

Tool Designing and Die Making

Advanced CAD/CAM Software for Design, Rich Experience of 2 decades of having handled a wide variety of Components, latest CNC Machining Techniques are some of the important ingredients that going into our Design and Manufacture of the Tooling. The out-come are tooling that ensures ...
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Casting Production

A wide range of 9 Horizontal Cold Chamber Pressure Die Casting Machines of capacities ranging from 80 Tons upto 1600 Tons ensure flexibility to produce a wide array of components to suit customer requirements. Eco friendly Electric Furnaces give good control over the cast metal temperature...
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Post Casting Operation and Finishing

Post Casting operations like de-burring, Shot Blasting, Vibro Finishing, etc., coupled with a vast vendor network for other operations like Heat Treatment, Vacuum Impregnation etc, make EDCPL a First Choice Supplier for many a customers. In house CNC and Conventional Machining facility...
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