Casting Production

A wide range of 9 Horizontal Cold Chamber Pressure Die Casting Machines of capacities ranging from 80 Tons upto 1600 Tons ensure flexibility to produce a wide array of components to suit customer requirements. Eco friendly Electric Furnaces give good control over the cast metal temperature. Tried and tested process Control Measures are implemented through a Trained and Motivated work force to ensure that Consistent Quality castings are produced that meet and exceed Customer requirements. Effective internally developed methods gauges ensure that key Machine Capabilities focal to producing sound castings are kept under check and control. A well documented comprehensive Statistical Process Plan covering Critical Dimensions and Process Parameters ensures that our efforts on Quality Control is headed in the right direction and not left to chance.We have defined special process parameters and aids to achieve wall thicknesses as thin as 1.2 mm and as thick as 10 mm without problems. We are well equipped to provide quality products in both high and low volumes. We utilize Control Plans and Process Parameter Sheets and die maintenance plan and spares for every item to eliminate production errors, improve surface finish and integrity of castings and reduce wear and tear of die and achieve timely dispatches.Proof machining is carried out on all machined areas during casting cycle. Traceability is maintained up to 5 years for all process parameters, on line inspection reports, material composition and our suppliers heat no.