Post Casting Operation and Finishing

Other in-house Post Casting operations like de-burring, Shot Blasting, Vibro Finishing, etc., coupled with a vast vendor network for other operations like Heat Treatment, Vacuum Impregnation etc, make EDCPL a First Choice Supplier for many a customers. In house CNC and Conventional Machining facility allows EDCPL to supply fully finished components to customers, thereby providing customers a one-stop-shop for their requirements of fully machined components.

After Casting and machining process, based on the customer requirement the components are finished using shot blasting machines or vibro-finishing machines.For powder coating, our vendors has proven expertise when it comes to high quality, high volume masking and powder coating of small parts as well as big parts. Working tirelessly to your exact specifications and utilizing our non-chromate adhesion enhancement process in our vendor company, Our vendors consistently achieves surface coatings that exhibit superior bonding properties together with under film protection on even the most difficult aluminum and zinc alloys. The process is fine tuned to remove all the residual oil / coolant from deep holes and recesses during the 7 tank pre-treatment. Masking is carried out where ever required and coating done using a electro static gun and residual powder filtered and recollected. Care is taken by proper identification, storage and planning to use the powder within its shelf life. Our vendor are using ROHS compliant chemicals and can also supply coatings complying to reach standards where ever it is the part requirement.Every lot is inspected for film thickness (film thickness measuring instrument), shade (to RAL standards) and adhesion (nail test).